Other results: UK Festival of Backgammon 2022

2‐point cubeless A


List of Matches

Match IDLengthFirst playerSecond player
2AE012 Win - Henry Keane Loss - Michèle de Havilland
Match IDLengthFirst playerSecond player
2AD012 Loss - Mike Ireland Win - Henry Keane
2AD022 Loss - Rob Perry Win - Michèle de Havilland
Match IDLengthFirst playerSecond player
2AC012 Win - Mike Ireland Loss - Sarah Jolliff
2AC022 Loss - Frank Fleming Win - Henry Keane
2AC032 Loss - Stefan Paliwoda Win - Rob Perry
2AC042 Win - Michèle de Havilland Loss - Rachel Rhodes
Round 2
Match IDLengthFirst playerSecond player
2AB012 Loss - Tim Line Win - Mike Ireland
2AB022 Win - Sarah Jolliff Loss - Luke Baker
2AB032 Loss - Rowena Paliwoda Win - Frank Fleming
2AB042 Loss - Liam Weston Win - Henry Keane
2AB052 Win - Stefan Paliwoda Loss - Gavin Anderson
2AB062 Win - Rob Perry Loss - Jon Barnes
2AB072 Win - Michèle de Havilland Loss - Chris Humble
2AB082 Loss - Andy Boysan Win - Rachel Rhodes
Round 1
Match IDLengthFirst playerSecond player
2AA012 Loss - Jon Barnes Win - Tim Line
2AA022 Win - Mike Ireland Loss - Dan Feeny
2AA032 Win - Sarah Jolliff Loss - Kylie Hedges
2AA042 Win - Luke Baker Loss - Yas Turan
2AA052 Win - Rowena Paliwoda Loss - Crispin Duke
2AA062 Win - Frank Fleming Loss - Christoph Deiter
2AA072 Loss - Richard Carter Win - Liam Weston
2AA082 Loss - Anna Clarke Win - Henry Keane
2AA092 Loss - Roland Archer Win - Stefan Paliwoda
2AA102 Loss - Cynthia Roberts Win - Gavin Anderson
2AA112 Win - Rob Perry Loss - Ian Hedges
2AA122 Loss - CJ Uttley Win - Jon Barnes
2AA132 Win - Michèle de Havilland Loss - Peter Bennet
2AA142 Loss - Cynthia Roberts Win - Chris Humble
2AA152 Loss - Crispin Duke Win - Andy Boysan
2AA162 Loss - Peter Hodson Win - Rachel Rhodes